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Disabling Universal Search on Diskstation

Recently I realized that the harddrives of my Diskstation never stopped and entered the sleep mode.

Logging on to the Admin UI and starting to disable and stop applications and services I realized that certain services like Universal Search could not be stopped from the UI.

Login via ssh

However you can using a console (don't know why UI is not possible):

  1. Enable SSH access if not yet done:
    Control Center -> Terminal & SNMP
    Enable SSH
  2. Log on via a console:
    ssh admin@diskstation
  3. Enter your admin password.

The app synoservice can be used to identify, start, stop, disable... services. The one responsible for Universal Search is pkgctl-SynoFinder

$ sudo synoservice --status pkgctl-SynoFinder
Service [pkgctl-SynoFinder] status=[enable]
required upstart job:
	[pkgctl-SynoFinder] is start.

Stop the service

$ sudo synoservice --status pkgctl-SynoFinder
Service [pkgctl-SynoFinder] status=[disable]
required upstart job:
	[pkgctl-SynoFinder] is stop.